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Indonesia Internet eXchange BALI NUSRA

IIX-BA ( Bali Internet eXchange ) Operate by APJII Region of Bali


Colocation service is one of the services from APJII BALI NUSRA that allows APJII BALI NUSRA members to place devices such as switches, routers, OTBs, or patch panels to server racks at node IIX-BA.

Peering service is a service that allows APJII members to connect with other members through the IIX-BA network. This service is available free of charge for APJII members.

IIX-BA implements Route-Tagging (community at IIX-BA) for BGP advertisement policies and ISP member traffic management issue.

IX-BA NMS consists of several services, including; monitoring tools,  Looking Glass, SpeedTest, etc.

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